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Why your rebate management system needs to be ERP agnostic

Posted by Andrew Butt on November 15, 2017 10:49:00

Today's IT landscape in most large corporations consists of disparate systems:

  • Cloud apps
  • On premise ERP systems
  • Cloud-based ERP
  • Local systems and spreadsheets
  • Others

As a result, the world has moved from ERP systems being at the hub to integration services being the key. Out-of-the-box ERP integration are not sufficient for most scenarios and are being surpassed by ERP agnostic applications that provide enhanced functions and shared data with ANY other systems.

A rebate management system needs to be truly ERP agnostic. For that reason, DealTrack comes with open APIs that can be used to import data from ANY other systems.

erp integration

Here are just a few reasons why we think a rebate management system needs to be truly ERP agnostic:

  • Some businesses have bespoke in-house systems so the rebate management system needs to have a very flexible architecture. (Interestingly, these bespoke systems are often found within wholesalers, builders merchants and buying groups — the very companies who tend to have significant rebate deals).
  • Newly merged companies are very likely to have different ERP systems to contend with. DealTrack will handle several integrations at once, pulling information from different standard ERP and bespoke systems simultaneously.
  • Buying groups usually have little or no control over the systems used by their members. In their case, integration isn’t possible, but we have designed an application to accept information in Excel spreadsheet format from members.

Being ERP-agnostic is a huge benefit to procurement departments — particularly in diverse enterprises with multiple ERP systems — because DealTrack demands no changes or systems integration work between the existing ERP systems in order to get a consolidated view of rebate contract information across the enterprise.

DealTrack is ideally suited to companies for whom buying power has a significant impact on growth and where rebates are used extensively as a mechanism to driving pricing and profit margins.

Why DealTrack?

DealTrack has constructed this vendor rebate management software to handle the most complex of rebate deals by extracting and consolidating information from multiple sources.

The diagram below shows DealTrack extracting information from multiple ERP systems and providing information back to your chosen data warehouse or other reporting tool.

ERP Software diagram

The benefits of this approach are aplenty, but the most important benefit is the low impact on the IT department.  Users are free to update and/or change ERP system with little or no impact on the integration to DealTrack.

This means that DealTrack provides the perfect rebate solution for:

  • Merged businesses who have inherited disparate ERP systems and want to consolidate their buying power
  • Buying groups whose members use disparate systems, but have a need to exchange information across all those systems in order to consolidate information for rebate claims and deal negotiations
  • Businesses whose vendor rebate module does not fulfill their needs

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