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Why ERP won’t solve your complex vendor rebate accounting problems

Posted by Andrew Butt on January 3, 2017 10:43:00

Complex ERP and supply chain systems such as SAP are built to cover a broad range of requirements for organisations in a lot of different sectors.  If you have a need for niche, deeper industry specific functionality such as complex vendor rebate management, then trying to force your organisation’s needs and processes to fit with general ERP functionality limits your ability to maximise value from your vendor rebates.The best of breed vs ERP debate has raged ever since ERP packages became available, but a ‘best of breed’ solution like DealTrack has been proven to be the best option for supporting business processes such vendor rebates, and complex rebate accounting… a bold claim, let’s look at some details.

  • From a functionality perspective, SAP can deal with simple rebate deals eg those earning rebate amounts that are either fixed or a percentage of total spend. If you start to add complexity into the rebate ‘mix’ then SAP often fails to provide a solution.
  • Rebates are generally negotiated at a group level to maximise profit margins and not all organisations or parts of the organization run from a single ERP solution. Therefore, rebate management needs to sit across the different ERP solutions to be effective.
  • Unlike most ERP systems, DealTrack is an optimised vendor rebate management system, and has been built and updated specifically for that purpose. The needs of finance, procurement, purchasing compliance and rebate accountants have been carefully thought through and incorporated into the functionality. 
  • The ERP approach tends to be transaction-centric, whereas authoring, approving and tracking deals is a collaborative process facilitated by workflow and partner portals in DealTrack. 
  • The approach taken when developing DealTrack has been to put a magnifying glass on the processes around negotiating, accounting for and claiming against rebate deals. DealTrack is designed to be flexible and enable procurement to be creative in agreeing deals. 
  • The software has been developed from the ground up to deal specifically with the challenges of global rebate management, delivering a structured approach to managing complex trading agreements, supplier rebates and supplier rebate agreements. In addition to the comprehensive functionality included in DealTrack, the user interface has been designed specifically for the needs of finance and procurement professionals.

On top of that, DealTrack has proven significant benefits to the businesses that use the software.

Organisations such as the Today’s Group, Wolseley, Affiliated Distributors and XL Vets all successfully drive value from the use of DealTrack.   

For them, DealTrack has proven to be the best option for supporting business processes around contract management and negotiation of complex vendor rebate contracts.

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