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Managing a wide variety of deal types: large UK wholesaler 

Posted by Andrew Butt on March 15, 2018 11:26:22

This business manages over 1m stocked items, the majority of which have some kind of associated rebate deal.  Within the first 12 months of operation they recognised a 200% return on their investment in DealTrack software.

They had previously built a rebates module as part of their bespoke financial system.  However, whilst this had been built to specification, over time it lacked the flexibility to manage every type of deal. 

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ROI calculator for rebate management systems

Posted by Andrew Butt on August 23, 2016 08:00:00

Our rebate management system: DealTrack is aimed at those businesses for whom a significant portion of their margin results from vendor rebates, retrospective discounts, tiered discounts and the like. Businesses in the building materials, wholesale distribution and those who are part of buying groups frequently trade on these deal types.

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