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How to succeed at rebate contract renewals

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on March 1, 2021 08:00:00

It’s important to stay on top of your contract renewals for rebates as they provide a key opportunity to access the current relationship with your trading partner, measure the contract’s value and then either negotiate the best possible deal terms or terminate a trading agreement that’s no longer required.

If a rebate contract auto-renews without your knowledge, there could be serious consequences for not only yourself but your business. They won’t be able to negotiate better terms for the contract – whether that’s a new deal or a modification of the products or services currently being delivered.

The contract renewal process is just as significant as the first time you signed on the dotted line, so don’t let it pass you by. We discuss how you can continue to make contract renewals succeed now and in the future.

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Harnessing the power of your rebate data

Posted by Howard Cook on February 22, 2021 08:00:00

With the global pandemic, increased visibility into your data has never been as important as it is now. However, many organizations lack visibility into their data or their data is spread across disparate systems. A recent EY survey found that supply chain executives consider end-to-end visibility the most important factor in creating a successful supply chain, just 6% reported that they’re “very confident” in their ability to maintain that visibility.

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How to use rebates to outperform your supply chain competition

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on February 8, 2021 08:15:00

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, companies have faced more complexity, risks and unpredictable situations, it's now not only about making inventory readily available to the end customer. They need to evolve and reinvent their supply chains. From start to finish, your supply chain offers opportunities to spearhead innovation, maximize savings, increase the bottom line, and improve your customers’ experience with your brand.

To do all this and become a successful business, you need to find ways to stay a step ahead of your supply chain competition. Otherwise without competition, growth and improvement are impossible. Those organizations that are successful in the long run know how to compete in their markets. However, what could you be doing to differentiate yourself from the competition? This is where rebates come in.

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Keeping your rebate deals on track when working remotely

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on November 23, 2020 09:00:00

In 2020, before the arrival of COVID-19 there were already 4.7 million people working remotely in the U.S, now according to recent Gallup’s research 62% of employed Americans are currently working from home during the pandemic - so this trend is showing no sign of slowing down! Even businesses that did not usually provide remote work opportunities had to quickly shift their processes to allow their team to work from home to ensure business continuity. On the finance side of things, the Gartner CFO survey revealed that 74% intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently.

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Infographic & report: The impact of COVID-19 on B2B rebate deals

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on September 7, 2020 08:35:59

The COVID-19 pandemic caught companies and whole industries off guard, as they experienced dramatic and sudden changes in demand and revenue.

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Why an audit trail is beneficial for rebate accounting

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on August 27, 2020 11:00:26

Every business should keep its rebate agreements transparent, recording each step in the process so that it can be traced back to the original source. To get the whole financial picture of your rebate deals you need to identify and fix any critical errors and assess ways to improve your rebate accounting process. To do this, you need access to a complete and reliable audit trail.

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The rise of the rebate accounting professionals

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on August 6, 2020 09:03:53

For decades, many of the world’s strongest trading relationships have been built on rebate agreements.

The people trusted with managing these mutually beneficial business deals have played vital roles. But by necessity, they’ve been cogs in a much larger machine. Their time has been absorbed by administrative tasks: collecting and keying-in data, performing audits, corresponding over disputes.

Now, the limits of rebate management are expanding.

Businesses are realizing the need for—and immense value of—even closer collaboration with their suppliers and customers. And at the same time, technology is automating rebate management administration, enabling deeper strategic insights, and supporting new ways of working together.

Liberated from mundane tasks, empowered to analyze and collaborate...

Ambitious rebate analysts and rebate accountants are redefining their roles—to supercharge their careers, and help their companies thrive.

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Electronics distributors are leaving rebate on the table every year: here’s why

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on March 11, 2020 16:48:13

As wholesale electronics gets more competitive, electronic distributors must find ways to grow revenues and protect margin. Maximizing the value of supplier agreements should be a priority.

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Transforming the manufacturer vs distributor relationship with rebates

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on March 4, 2020 09:52:44

In a typical trading relationship, we have three main parties: the manufacturer, distributor and the end user who is the customer. The relationship we are focusing on today is between the manufacturer vs distributor.

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How manufacturers use rebates to increase customer loyalty

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on February 17, 2020 11:09:53

Customer loyalty is a measurement of how likely your customers are to do repeat business with you. In this case we are talking about manufacturing businesses collaborating with distributors, who are effectively the link between the manufacturer and retailer. Without distributors, manufacturing businesses would struggle with getting their products to customers, and without manufacturing businesses, distributors would have nothing to sell.

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