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How to use rebates to outperform your supply chain competition

Without competition, growth and improvement are impossible. Enable discuss how to use rebates to outperform your supply chain competition.

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Keeping your rebate deals on track when working remotely

The shift to remote work presents an opportunity for rebate teams to support the future of their company and make more profitable deals.

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Infographic & report: The impact of COVID-19 on B2B rebate deals

One of the most visible impacts of COVID-19 has been the strain on the global supply chain. Find out how this has impacted those involved in B2B deals.

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Why an audit trail is beneficial for rebate accounting

Learn from Enable what is an audit trail, why it is important and how it is beneficial for those involved in rebate accounting.

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Electronics distributors are leaving rebate on the table every year: here’s why

As wholesale electronics gets more competitive, distributors must find ways to grow revenues and protect margin. Maximizing the value of supplier agreements should be a priority.

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Transforming the manufacturer vs distributor relationship with rebates

We discuss how manufacturers vs distributors can transform their relationship with rebates and a rebate management system. Find out more.

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How manufacturers use rebates to increase customer loyalty

Learn from Enable how manufacturers can use rebates and a rebate management system to increase customer loyalty with their distributors.

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A complete beginner’s guide to rebate management systems

Rebate Management Systems are transforming trading relationships in the construction industry. Here’s what they are, how they work, and why you should care.

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11 ways to improve your rebate accounting processes

Enable discuss how you can take full control of your rebate accounting processes and the difficulties that can arise from complex trading agreements.

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How to manage B2B customer rebates – A guide for vendors

Your complete guide to customer rebate programs—from how they work to how to manage them effectively and drive greater customer loyalty.

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Regain control of your supplier rebate program and maximize your rebate revenue

Understand how supplier rebate programs work—and how to manage them effectively, and maximize their value to your organization.

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How to achieve financial compliance with better rebate management

Find out how a rebate management system help with Financial Compliance.