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Transforming the manufacturer vs distributor relationship with rebates

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on March 4, 2020 09:52:44

In a typical trading relationship, we have three main parties: the manufacturer, distributor and the end user who is the customer. The relationship we are focusing on today is between the manufacturer vs distributor.

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How manufacturers use rebates to increase customer loyalty

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on February 17, 2020 11:09:53

Customer loyalty is a measurement of how likely your customers are to do repeat business with you. In this case we are talking about manufacturing businesses collaborating with distributors, who are effectively the link between the manufacturer and retailer. Without distributors, manufacturing businesses would struggle with getting their products to customers, and without manufacturing businesses, distributors would have nothing to sell.

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Topics: Rebate Management System, Rebates, Industry sector: Manufacturers