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Challenges and opportunities facing the CFO in 2021 and beyond

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on December 21, 2020 08:30:00

No one would have predicted the economic uncertainty we would face due to COVID, however the urgency of the pandemic and the recession have accelerated the increasing role of the CFO. Creating an opportunity for them to demonstrate the critical strategic role they can play in helping transform the future of their business. According to research by ACCA and the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) 72% felt that the role of the CFO will either ‘increase or increase significantly’ in importance over the next three to five years. In addition, 68% of the CEOs felt that people highly value the strategic insights of CFOs.

Today’s CFO must understand how to create value for the organization and take a more active role in the operations of the business. Driving performance and profitable growth by cutting costs where possible and searching for new tactics and techniques to increase revenue.

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Key factors driving digital adoption of rebate management

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on December 7, 2020 10:00:00

As the SaaS market continues to grow, companies are investing in more technologies than ever before. At Enable, being a leader in the rebate management space, we can see the enormous growth in businesses adopting our software, because it can revolutionize how a company calculates, accrues, and allocates its rebates - positively impacting processes for all those involved in rebate management internally and externally.

With businesses now adjusting to the new normal, a shift to remote work, fewer in-person deals being conducted, and a growing concern around maintaining compliance and security, businesses are looking for solutions to help them survive and grow through these challenging times.

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How the cloud is redefining and transforming the finance function

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on November 30, 2020 10:16:47

In an ever-changing business landscape, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for organisations to be more agile and adaptable than ever. Particularly the finance function, who are increasingly the central hub of many organisations, who drive the priorities of the business and how they are going to be realistically achieved.

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Topics: Industry sector: Finance, Digital transformation