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From a game of telephone to the Tower of Babel: translating deal management for sales, commercial and finance teams

Posted by Andy James on June 27, 2019 14:00:00

When it is done well, customer rebate management improves partner relationships, provides financial compliance and reduces audit risk, eases cash flow for customers, improves rebate accuracy and predictability and helps grow business through true partnerships between manufacturers and their customers.

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Why customer rebates are like buying cups of coffee

Posted by Andy James on June 21, 2019 16:21:47

It may seem overly simplistic to associate the complex nature of financial accounting with a cup of coffee, but when it comes to customer rebate management this analogy makes intuitive sense for anyone who has ever tried to get a free cup of the caffeine-laced beverage.

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Technology, humans and rebate management

Posted by Andy James on June 19, 2019 10:23:25

When it comes to modernizing business practices, technology in general and software in particular is essential for business growth. How are manufacturers and suppliers who deal with millions of dollars’ worth of customer rebates each month adapting to the challenges faced by a historic lack of suitable software? Andy James, Chief Product Officer at Enable, shared a few stories about how their clients have changed for the better and what drove their decisions.

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The trials and tribulations of a customer rebate program

Posted by Fraser Weetman on May 13, 2019 09:02:14

Customer rebate programs are great in that they drive the selling behavior of resellers and distributors on more than ten trillion dollars in North America and Europe alone. The large volume of money attributed to customer rebate programs is hardly surprising since they include everything from simple vendor rebates to marketing development funds (MDFs), vendor co-op funds and special pricing agreements (SPAs).

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