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A rebate management platform for mutually beneficial supplier negotiations

Posted by Andrew Butt on April 24, 2018 13:28:36

This building materials supplier was struggling to reconcile rebate information in their unwieldy spreadsheet-based system.  They also had an issue around extracting  detailed and summary data across all branches and categories prior to the negotiation.

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Topics: Client Stories, Industry Sector: Building Materials, Rebate Management & Growth, Central Purchasing

Central purchasing: data analysis for better negotiations

Posted by Andrew Butt on February 12, 2018 10:48:15

In order to prepare for major negotiations with suppliers, businesses often have to extract historical data from multiple systems: buying groups need information from their members' systems, newly merged businesses need information from different parts of the group. 

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Topics: Client Stories, Procurement Excellence, Industry Sector: Buying Groups, Mergers & Aquisitions, Central Purchasing

Central purchasing: consolidate purchase history across ERP systems

Posted by Andrew Butt on January 19, 2018 12:11:17

Negotiating deals for buying groups and businesses that have grown though acquisition or merger is a challenge.

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Topics: ERP Vendor Rebate Modules, Mergers & Aquisitions, Central Purchasing