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The engine room of the collaborative economy

Posted by David Hunt on January 6, 2014 12:00:00

In modern business context, the phrase 'we're in this together' is no soundbite but a new way of trading, where the benefits are visible on a day-to-day basis and on the bottom lines of businesses.

In this new collaborative economy, B2B cloud software has played a key role in creating a leaner and more cohesive way of doing business to the benefit of all parties involved. B2B cloud software is more than just an enabler or a part of the machinery, it is an engine that is driving businesses forwards through an ethos of collaboration, transparency and efficiency.

It's interesting to think back to the celebration of 'a new economy' in 1994 when John Huey writing for Fortune magazine said "We are right now in the very early stages of a new economy, one whose core is as fundamentally different from its predecessor as, say, the automobile age was from the agricultural era". When the developed world was then changing from the industrial economy of steel, automobiles and roads to a new one built on silicon and networks the focus was on new dynamics, new rules and new drivers for success. And as we head into 2014 the situation is no different as the dynamics, rules and drivers of the new age of the collaborative economy presents B2B software and cloud services at its core. Telephony, networking, sourcing, trading, the cloud manages all details of the B2B trading relationship.

Highlighting the collaborative and one world nature of this trend, Gartner research VP Chris Howard said recently: "There is a flawed perception of cloud computing as one large phenomenon, but cloud computing is actually a spectrum of things complementing one another and building on a foundation of sharing".

With trading partners sharing business principles and success through mutual goals and incentives, B2B cloud software is powering a radical and fast-moving change that is bringing businesses closer together in a new collaborative economy. And, because it offers tangible bottom line benefits for all concerned, with incentives driving the new business relationships and, indeed, the momentum of B2B cloud software services, this is no technology fad.

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