Rebate software “out of the box” to solve problems fast

Posted by Andrew Butt on March 27, 2018 11:20:32

This building supplies company has over 50 branches and is growing.  They recognised that having smooth business processes would be an essential foundation for their growth plans, and whilst most parts of the business had been systemised, the area of rebate management remained an anomaly.

They were using spreadsheets because their core ERP system (Kerridge) did not support their requirements. 

They approached Enable to discuss the suitability of DealTrack to their needs and were keen to discover whether a quick return on investment was possible.

Why Enable?

When they saw the standard package, they could see that it had the flexibility to manage any type of deal they could think of.

They liked the fact that we make available standard APIs to bring in data from any other system, and their own IT department had the skills needed to make them work.

Then, they listened to our advice and liked the approach of finding some quick wins based on recent historical transactions.

The Solution

The business case was healthy, but the team wanted to address the problem in as short a time frame as possible.  The longer the implementation went on, the more deals and transactions they would have to deal with.

The “out of the box” software was implemented and the first project was to load historical data, identify any missed rebate claims, and start accruing for rebate at a more detailed level. A key objective was to be able to understand net-net product pricing.

In parallel with users receiving training on how to manage deals, their IT department got to work extracting data from their core ERP system and using the standard APIs to get the data into DealTrack.  There was, inevitably some data mapping and manipulation to deal with, but with basic support from Enable their IT team constructed the required integration themselves.

At a glance

  • Implemented  “out of the box” in a short time frame
  • Used Enable's standard APIs to extract data from their core ERP system with little involvement from Enable
  • Now have insight on net-net product pricing and true product profitability – something which was difficult to obtain previously

Next Steps

Having implemented a system that provides accurate, detailed information about rebates claimed and due, the next stage is to use that data to prepare for future deal negotiations. 

By modelling the impact that different deals could have on net net margins, DealTrack helps commercial teams unlock the potential to earn additional rebate income.

Smarter trading to unlock potential in your business, earn additional rebates

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