immediate 200 percent return on investment

Managing a wide variety of deal types: large UK wholesaler 

Posted by Andrew Butt on March 15, 2018 11:26:22

This business manages over 1m stocked items, the majority of which have some kind of associated rebate deal.  Within the first 12 months of operation they recognised a 200% return on their investment in DealTrack software.

They had previously built a rebates module as part of their bespoke financial system.  However, whilst this had been built to specification, over time it lacked the flexibility to manage every type of deal. 

As a result, spreadsheets were used to control many elements and information about deals and rebates became disjointed, and in some cases duplicated.

Why they chose DealTrack

Having already had the experience of building a solution and finding that it lacked flexibility, they determined that any new system should have flexibility built in from the start. 

During their selection process, they wanted not only to match the current known requirements, but also be assured that any other types of deal they may come across in the future would be easily managed in the system.  They were keen to ensure that all data related to deals, transactions and rebates would be available in one place.

In developing their own software, they had become quite expert in rebate management but wanted to work with a company that could offer even more knowledge and support in this complex area.

Our solution

DealTrack’s deal types facilitate a matrix comprising 16 basic deal types that can be managed by 6 different criteria — 196 types in all.  Whilst they were confident that this would “future-proof” the solution, Enable offered our usual promise that if a deal type arises that cannot be modelled, then we will build it into the standard DealTrack software for them.

We built interfaces between DealTrack and their bespoke company-wide systems to pull transactional data into DealTrack and extract financial information from DealTrack back into their financial software in order to make rebate claims.

The results

The business now has a group-wide standardised solution for managing deals and rebates.  They make extensive use of the workflow and supplier portal to ensure an audit trail is preserved.

The company decided to upload all the deals from the previous 12 months into DealTrack, to a) check that the software supported all of their deal types and b) check for any missed rebate claims.

Whilst the emphasis was on checking the suitability of the DealTrack Deal Configurator, this exercise gave them an immediate 200% return for their investment in DealTrack owing to the volume of rebate claims that had previously been missed.

Now that DealTrack is up and running, the procurement team has a single place where they can model new deals and collaborate with suppliers to secure the best possible margins for all branches of the business.

At a glance:

  • Replaced an inhouse, bespoke system
  • Provided expertise in and standards for rebate management processes
  • Integrated with all of their bespoke ERP systems
  • Created a single place for all transactional history to be viewed across all branches
  • Built in flexibility and the Enable promise means that ANY deals can be modelled in DealTrack
  • Immediate 200% ROI through identification of missed rebate claims
  • Platform for smarter procurement

To find out how we achieved this and learn about the benefits others have experienced from implementing DealTrack software, request a software demo.

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