How to choose a contract management system

How to choose a contract management system

Posted by Andrew Butt on June 18, 2018 10:27:34

The decision to choose a contract management system is often driven by a need to model complex purchasing agreements that cannot be met using spreadsheets or existing ERP systems.

The first decision to make is about the type of contract management system that you need.

Do you operate in an environment where complex discounts and rebates are prevalent?  If the answer is “yes” then you may actually need a Rebate Management System.

Typically, a rebate management system will:

  • Enable you to model complex contracts with a range of rebates and discounts
  • Report against contracts and manage rebate claims
  • Allow you to collate and project purchasing requirements
  • Help you to clearly identify and electronically approve the best deals
  • Provide visibility of targets about to be reached / rebates due / imminent discount tiers
  • Collate information and provide alerts

DealTrack’s rebate management system offers all of the above and has achieved significant financial benefit for its users after implementation.  That benefit is driven out of:

  • Controlling rebate accounting and never missing another claim
  • Providing clear visibility about net margins and true product costs for better sales deals
  • Providing full visibility for purchasing so they can create smarter deals in the future

So, if you think that instead of looking for a contract management system, you should actually be looking for a rebate management system, you might like to discover more by taking a look at this recorded webinar.  Meet an existing user of the DealTrack software and hear about the benefits and ROI others have achieved.    

DealTrack Video How to increase profit and cash flow with automated rebate management

Then, if a rebate management system looks like being the answer, download our Buyers Guide to choosing a rebate management system and discover 62 important criteria to include in your selection process.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Rebate Management Software

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