Hidden Treasure

Posted by David Hunt on October 12, 2012 17:52:00

There's a pretty good chance you are reading this having just come out of a sales meeting, or while you're waiting for a sales meeting or after a tough day trying to initiate what was discussed in a sales meeting.

Driving revenue is the primary concern of any business but when conditions have been as difficult as they have over the last few years it can feel like a war of attrition with your competitors.

There's no silver bullet for these issues but ensuring that you are making the most of your company's hard work and seeing every penny you deserve hit the bottom line is essential when sales are stalling through no fault of your own.

And so in conditions where sales are harder than ever to come by, companies must ensure that maximum benefit is derived from each sale and that includes ensuring that all rebates are collected on time and in full.

It can feel like a war of attrition with your competitors

After all, rebate income is money you've earned and you're already entitled to it — all you have to do is track it down.

DealTrack has seen cash flow improve by up to six weeks and overall rebate income often rises by 10% simply through the introduction of a structured and systemised approach to rebates.

This releases vital cash for companies to re-ignite investment in new business and operational improvements that may have been put on hold due to economic conditions.

Improved cash flow, higher profit, better service and a boost to customer retention are the vital returns that enable companies to perform and grow when traditional sales are under threat.

The time has come to drive rebate income in the manner with which you drive sales, and to see ALL the benefits of your hard work. DealTrack is there to help you achieve this.