NBMDA convention and DealTrack

Enable's rebate management system and the NBMDA Annual Convention

Posted by Andrew Butt on October 31, 2016 18:29:11

The NBMDA convention in Chicago was once again the focus for distributors and manufacturers that serve the US independent building materials sector. The convention provided delegates with access to distributors, manufacturers and service providers who shared best practice, market trends and insights. 

DealTrack exhibited  at the convention in partnership with sales-i

sales-i is a sales performance tool created to make selling less stressful and more profitable for any product-based salesperson.

DealTrack is the leading specialised rebate management system provider for the building materials sector. This software helps companies manage complex trading agreements that involve retrospective payments,  discounts, royalties, purchase income and other forms of back margin.

Together, DealTrack and sales-i create a winning combination.

Improving margin and gaining better control of complex trade agreements with DealTrack and accelerating sales of multiple products lines using sales improvement tools from sales-i could provide significant business improvement for building materials suppliers.   

Missed the NBMDA? Book an online demo to see how DealTrack can help you realise your full profit and cash flow potential. 

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