DealTrack Genesis

DealTrack genesis

Posted by David Hunt on October 2, 2012 11:05:00

For more than a decade Enable has provided some of the country's most respected and recognisable organisations with bespoke software solutions.

In this time, it has helped distributors, wholesalers and buying consortia in a variety of industries manage the retrospective income they receive from suppliers and customers in the form of rebates, retrospective discounts and royalties.

One of the most critical issues during this period has been how rebates and royalties are often poorly supported by core business systems with crucial agreements and revenues relegated to spreadsheets and paper records — despite the income amounting to more than the company's gross profit in many cases.

However, introducing a formal structured system to manage these agreements and the income they generate has allowed these businesses to identify additional revenue that was previous overlooked and improve cashflow through clear and transparent administration and collaboration with trading partners.

As a result of this, Enable has created DealTrack as a centre of excellence and a world class software product to help organisations manage rebate, retrospective discount and royalty agreements more effectively and profitably.

DealTrack is delivered as an agile, robust and flexible online solution

And with modern companies increasingly consuming the “software as a service” method, DealTrack is delivered as an agile, robust and flexible online solution that can grow and scale with each company's requirements, while remaining fast to deploy.

Companies the world over are operating in uniquely challenging times due to the unprecedented economic issues of the last few years, and the desire to become or maintain a world-class organisation has never been more difficult or more essential as budgets and margins have the life squeezed out of them.

In this context, DealTrack is committed to helping companies operate with maximum efficiency today while also helping ensure they are ready to take advantage of the future upturn in market conditions.

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