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Automating of a large volume of deals across multiple sites

Posted by Andrew Butt on March 23, 2018 11:09:42

With over a thousand branches and hundreds of thousands of stock items, this business had a huge issue with managing rebates.  Everything was being managed on spreadsheets, and they experienced many of the usual issues such as version control and human error.

They commissioned a firm of consultants to review their options and invited several software companies to tender for a solution.

Their aim was to find a solution that automated as much of the rebate reconciliation process as possible and thereby reduced their reliance on a few skilled spreadsheet users.

Why they chose DealTrack

DealTrack was the ONLY solution that met all of their needs.  In fact, at the time, they struggled to find any alternatives.  Added to that, Enable already had customers from the same industry sector using DealTrack to address similar issues.

Our solution

DealTrack standard software was implemented together with an interface to Lawson financial software to extract transactional data.  Within 10 months they had dispensed with all spreadsheet solutions and were fully operational with DealTrack.  We had built interfaces and loaded all data for products, branches and deals from their core ERP system which was based on Lawson software. 

The results

ALL rebate deals and transactions are captured in one place.  The standard reports and enquiries are providing accurate, up-to-date information to facilitate better deal negotiation, and the finance team are no longer reliant on the knowledge held by a few people.

At a glance

  • Replaced complex spreadsheets
  • Reduced risk and error significantly
  • Provided a consistent approach to managing rebate deals
  • Integrated with Lawson to extract transactional data
  • Consolidated information across multiple branches
  • Provided accurate information for better deal negotiation

To find out more about controlling rebates, view our recorded webinar: "Take control of your rebate management process and find unclaimed profit".

Take control of your rebate management process - find unclaimed profit

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