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5 industries that would benefit from rebate management software

Posted by Fraser Weetman on May 4, 2020 14:47:21

Rebates are prevalent in many industries because they can have a significant impact on a business’s bottom-line. A buyer agrees to purchase a certain volume, or value of a seller’s goods. Once the purchase has been made, the seller refunds a proportion of the price they’ve paid. But although they sound manageable, we have found that 4% of potential rebate revenue typically goes unclaimed which can mean many industries are missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

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How cloud-based rebate management software enables remote working and much more

Posted by Fraser Weetman on April 22, 2020 14:14:07

The COVID-19 outbreak has seen many companies being forced to embrace remote working like never before in a bid to delay the spread of the virus. Remote working will be entirely new for some companies, while others will be well experienced in working from home on various occasions.

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The supplier rebate model is broken, and it's costing distributors

Posted by Fraser Weetman on July 17, 2019 16:38:30

Supplier rebate deals should be a win-win, benefiting manufacturers and distributors alike. But too often they lead to distributors losing revenue, and suppliers losing trust…

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The trials and tribulations of a customer rebate program

Posted by Fraser Weetman on May 13, 2019 09:02:14

Customer rebate programs are great in that they drive the selling behavior of resellers and distributors on more than ten trillion dollars in North America and Europe alone. The large volume of money attributed to customer rebate programs is hardly surprising since they include everything from simple rebates to marketing development funds (MDFs), co-op funds and special pricing agreements (SPAs).

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