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Employee Q&A - Lauren

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on September 16, 2020 08:52:28

With over 90 people now employed at Enable and still growing, we have forged strong relationships with some of the best universities, recruiting the brightest students that they have to offer. In fact, 79% of our analysts and developers graduated from one of the top 25 universities featured in the Guardian university league table.

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B2B contract renegotiation in challenging times

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on September 14, 2020 08:39:00

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many organizations renegotiating contracts sooner than they envisioned due to the uncertainty in the marketplace and the changing conditions of business which, when combined, result in their trading partners being unable to meet the current deal terms.

Contract negotiation is a difficult exercise at the best of times, because a great amount of time and effort is spent up-front in negotiating B2B contracts, but due to the pandemic expediting contact renegotiations, these challenges have been magnified. For example, contract renegotiation will open up the possibility of having to agree to less favourable terms than before. We have also found that companies tend to file their B2B contracts away and very little attention is spent in understanding and tracking their on-going performance. Businesses that fall short of monitoring their B2B contracts fail to maximise revenues, control costs and open their organisations up to a multitude of risks for their deals. They are also in a weaker position during renegotiations as the true benefit of their current deal is unknown.

By looking at the wider picture when approaching contract renegotiations this will not only serve your interests better, but also improve collaboration with your suppliers. If you neglect the glaring issues, contract renegotiations in the wake of COVID-19 will mean missing out on new revenue opportunities for your B2B deals which could actually be the foundation to increase profits in the long-term!

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Infographic & report: The impact of COVID-19 on B2B rebate deals

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on September 7, 2020 08:35:59

The COVID-19 pandemic caught companies and whole industries off guard, as they experienced dramatic and sudden changes in demand and revenue.

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United Aqua Group ready to make a splash with Enable rebate management

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on September 2, 2020 08:46:00

San Francisco – 2nd September 2020: Enable, the leader in cloud-based B2B rebate management software, today announced that United Aqua Group, one of the largest organizations in the pool and spa industry, has chosen Enable’s software to optimize its supplier program management and provide greater visibility of its trading agreements for their members.

Enable’s centralized trading program repository, coupled with the ability to automatically pull in transaction data, will empower United Aqua Group to replace their resource-intensive, manual process for tracking program performance and accruals. By leveraging Enable’s collaborative platform to facilitate frictionless trading, UAG will be able to maximize, streamline and automate their rebate management processes.

Jon Damaska, Director of Sales, United Aqua Group said:

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Why an audit trail is beneficial for rebate accounting

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on August 27, 2020 11:00:26

Every business should keep its rebate agreements transparent, recording each step in the process so that it can be traced back to the original source. To get the whole financial picture of your rebate deals you need to identify and fix any critical errors and assess ways to improve your rebate accounting process. To do this, you need access to a complete and reliable audit trail.

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Grafton implements Enable’s collaboration platform to gain better visibility over their deals and trading partners

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on August 24, 2020 10:34:26

Stratford-upon-Avon – 24th August 2020: Enable International Inc, the leader in cloud-based B2B deal management software, today announced that Grafton Group, the international distributor of building materials, has chosen Enable’s collaboration platform to collaborate with over 500 of their suppliers to create better deals and further improve their trading relationships.

Grafton have previously commissioned Enable to create software for them back in 2010 when they built them a custom rebate reporting solution. They are currently in the process of upgrading to the Enable collaboration platform, which will not only improve their processes for managing rebates but also enable all of their suppliers to upload their transaction data, view and sign off deals and other agreements and see a history of their actions too – all in one, convenient place. Meaning more accuracy in their data to make better trading decisions faster.

Mark Gilham, Finance Director said:

“Adoption of Enable’s rebate software along with our existing best practice in business intelligence, supports our objective to be a market leading digitally engaged and knowledge driven business.

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Our charity of the year –Stratford-Upon-Avon Foodbank

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on August 17, 2020 11:09:21

Since March, the sales team at Enable have been carrying out short market research interviews with sales, purchasing and finance professionals who create and track rebates and deals, making a donation per call which added up to an amazing $2500 for the Stratford-upon-Avon Foodbank, Enable’s chosen charity of the year. 

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10 common myths of rebate management

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on August 12, 2020 10:08:49

Many businesses around the world have integrated various rebate management processes to get a better grasp of their B2B deals. These businesses quickly found the benefits of having a rebate management platform, inspiring other businesses to look for software of their own. While businesses stand to benefit from rebate management processes, some companies might have reservations of what these processes and platforms can do for them, and whether their businesses should make the investment. They often go into the software selection process with misguided presumptions and tend to stumble upon outdated information. Such “myths” can be misleading and discouraging to potential software users and fail to communicate the significant benefits businesses make, causing them to resign the chance to maximize the value of their rebate agreements.

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The rise of the rebate accounting professionals

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on August 6, 2020 09:03:53

For decades, many of the world’s strongest trading relationships have been built on rebate agreements.

The people trusted with managing these mutually beneficial business deals have played vital roles. But by necessity, they’ve been cogs in a much larger machine. Their time has been absorbed by administrative tasks: collecting and keying-in data, performing audits, corresponding over disputes.

Now, the limits of rebate management are expanding.

Businesses are realizing the need for—and immense value of—even closer collaboration with their suppliers and customers. And at the same time, technology is automating rebate management administration, enabling deeper strategic insights, and supporting new ways of working together.

Liberated from mundane tasks, empowered to analyze and collaborate...

Ambitious rebate analysts and rebate accountants are redefining their roles—to supercharge their careers, and help their companies thrive.

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How to reduce human error in rebate management

Posted by Elizabeth Allcock on July 30, 2020 09:14:13

When it comes to the complexities of rebate management and B2B negotiations, human errors can creep in and seriously compromise the value of trading agreements, especially when the process is manual. Human errors tend to create additional costs, reduce efficiency, and cause catastrophic failures.

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